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Recent Projects

​​ Mission: Mutare, Zimbabwe
[October 11-22, 2018]

Momentum Missions, by the grace of God, had a very successful mission conducted from October 11-22. Chad and the team saw some incredible things happen:

-Preached the Gospel in 41 schools to 36,100 students and teachers

-Recorded 29,050 professions of faith
-Hosted a two-day Leadership Training Conference for pastors and church leaders with 163 in attendance

A separate team went to Kachusi Village near Petauke, Zambia to oversee the repair of the roof of the Nancy Stiles Primary School that was destroyed recently by a tornado. The Marrs-Otto Well of Life that was drilled three years ago also received routine maintenance and repair so that the life-changing flow of fresh, clean water can continue to serve many hundreds of villagers in that area. While in Kachusi, the Zambian team presented the Gospel by showing The Jesus Film, an evangelistic dramatization of the life of Jesus produced by CRU, in the evenings.

Mission: Petauke/Chipata, Zambia

[July 2-16, 2017]

Momentum Missions conducted its most ambitious, expensive, and successful project ever July 2-16, Chad McMillan was accompanied by Dr. Ben Phillips, Assistant Dean of Southwestern Seminary, his wife Joelyn, son Robbie, and daughter Caroline along with Momentum Zambia staff members Enock, Moses, Benjamin, Abuid, Godrick, Naphtali, Isaac and Samson.  During this exciting project, by the grace of God, we:

-Preached the Gospel in 42 schools to at least 27,230 students and teachers

-Recorded 22, 377 students and teachers make professions of faith in Jesus Christ
-Distributed Gideon Bibles to 28,600 students and teachers

-Distributed 46 soccer balls
-Met with high-level government and school officials
-Hosted a two-day Leadership Training Conference for pastors and church leaders with 698 in attendance
-Opened a World Hope Bible Institute where 105 senior pastors were trained in Soteriology (The Doctrine of Salvation) and Hermeneutics (Bible Study Methods) by Dr. Phillips.
-Lead two Vacation Bible Schools attended by over 290 children

Mission: Lusaka/Petauke/Chipata, Zambia
[January 2017]

Chad McMillan, Andrew White, Andrew's daughter, along with Momentum Zambia staff had an incredible project where we: shared the Gospel and distributed Bibles to over 3900 students and teachers in Lusaka and Petauke,  toured ongoing construction projects in Chifundo and Chiwayu Villages, meet with ministry leaders at Family Legacy in Lusaka, and had important meetings with cabinet level, district-wide, local, and tribal leaders in Lusaka and throughout the Eastern Province.  Momentum Missions was invited to officially partner with the Ministries of Religious Affairs and General Education in bringing holistic transformation to communities all across Zambia. Soon, we will return to Zambia to outline our official agreement of participation with the Zambian Government.  Our meeting with President Lungu was postponed due to an emergency meeting he had to attend in the Easter Province. The Office of Presidential Affairs is working with us to reschedule that meeting soon.

Mission: Chipata/Chifundo, Zambia
[September 2016]

Our team had the privilege of preaching the Gospel in 64 public schools to over 48,000 students and teachers. In partnership with The Gideons International, we distributed 45,300 New Testaments with Psalms and Proverbs. in addition, we hosted a three-day leadership training conference attended by over 520 church leaders, including over 310 pastors. Our ongoing development projects in Chifundo Village were advanced as we completed work on two teacher's homes and continued construction on a new classroom for the Nancy Dickson Stiles Primary School.  We also added a new evangelist, Isaak, to our staff, bought him a motorcycle to travel between schools for evangelism and discipleship activities, and assisted in the construction of and launch of a new church in Chiwayu Village.

Mission: Katete/Chifundo, Zambia 
[July 2016]

Our team, In partnership with Grace Bible Church-Houston (GBC), conducted evangelistic outreach assemblies in 51 public schools, distributed over 43,200 Bibles to students in partnership with The Gideons International, hosted a pastor and church leader training conference attended by over 450 church leaders, and oversaw ongoing construction projects at Grace Bible Church-Chifundo and The Nancy Dickson Stiles Primary School. The Momentum team was greatly blessed to have GBC Missions Pastor Wes Carpenter and member Vince Odorisio participate in the mission.

Mission: Petauke/Chifundo, Zambia

[October-November 2015]

Our team conducted a pastor and church leadership training conference attended by 221 people. We also completed many important infrastructure projects In the Chifundo Village including: drilling a 100 meter-deep water well, installing a 500 liter water storage tank, renovating The Nancy Dickson Stiles Primary School by installing a solar panel and electric lights, plastering the interior and exterior of the school, installing black boards and a flag pole, constructing a soccer field and net ball court, continuing construction on a home for a teacher, beginning construction on another teacher's home, and beginning construction on a new school classroom. 

Mission: Petauke/Chifufundo, Zambia 
[June 2015]

God was gracious to us on this project as we accomplished many important goals: Our team preached the Gospel in 49 public schools to over 38,000 students and teachers. We also distributed over 26,000 copies of the New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs in partnership with The Gideons International. We conducted a pastor and church leader training conference with 119 leaders in attendance.  Site planning was begun on a Head Teacher's home at the Nancy Dickson Stiles Primary School. Twenty-six members of Grace Bible Church-Chifundo were baptized and discipleship training was implemented. We purchased motorcycle for our team to use in following up and discipling new believers in the public schools. 

Mission: Petauke/Chifundo Zambia
[February-March 2015]

Momentum's latest mission campaign to Zambia was a tremendous success. Chad had the privilege of leading an evangelism training conference which was attended by 139 pastors and church leaders from the Petauke region.  Momentum's  Zambian Directors Enock Njovu and Moses Zulu did a wonderful job setting up the school outreaches where Chad and the team had the privilege of speaking in 27 public schools over a 5 day period.  They shared the Gospel with 15,767 students and saw over 9,300 children make professions of faith in Jesus Christ. Also, in partnership with The Gideons International, the team had the privilege of distributing 10,000 Bibles (New Testament + Psalms and Proverbs].

In addition, a long-time prayer of Chad's was answered as the team was able to plant a new church (Grace Bible Church-Chifundo) in the Chifundo Village and is in the process of raising resources to help with capital needs such as digging a water well and constructing various buildings on the campus as well as assisting in implementing sustainable income initiatives (gardens, chicken and pig projects, and farming assistance).

Mission: Zimbabwe/ South Africa
[November 2014]

God greatly blessed Momentum's latest project in Africa. Chad spent a great deal of time training, encouraging, and resourcing Zimbabwe staff Godknows M., Edwin P., and Shepherd G., and helping them strategize about how to maximize their ministries' impact for Christ. The team conducted an evangelism training conference with 52 pastors and church leaders in attendance.  In addition, they preached the Gospel in 13 public schools.  Over 6900 students and teachers heard the plan of salvation and 5108 precious children made public professions of faith in Christ!  Chad also traveled to Johannesburg and Hoedspruit, South Africa to meet with key mission partners and set up future projects in that country.